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10 Facts About Me

Hi my lovelies!❤️

It’s been 3 months since I went into blog writing, I am only loving it more and more everyday. To be able to express myself in a different way and inspire new people during this difficult time. So I thought after 3 months of that, it was time for the top 10 random facts about me. I’ve never done one of these before so let’s hope it’s a good one😂.

  1. I am the youngest of the 3 of us. Secretly love being the youngest, even though my sisters might not agree… (they believe in the youngest was our parents “favourite” and the most spoilt). I guess I can’t agree or disagree with this statement👀😂.

  2. Currently 23 heading into being 24 but everyone seems to think I’m about 16! Shocking and I don’t think I’ll ever be looking my age. Being ID’d for just about everything (the best one was for Christmas Crackers this December)! Don’t think I’d been more shocked🤦🏽‍♀️. I hope this happens to more people than just me😂.

  3. I went from being my parents “favourite”, to moving out for 3 years to get my BA (Hons) Marketing degree. Never seen my parents cry and say goodbye, but I think it was the fear that I’d starve and wouldn’t cope… guess I proved them wrong there💁🏽‍♀️.

  4. I guess it’s fair to say I’m not the best cook so I was grateful to meet my other half at uni to help with that. And now coming home, it’s “Henna, you’re getting older and need to get on with it!” So my 2021 goal is definitely to get better at that so I don’t have to hear it no more.

  5. I would say I work better in the mornings because my sleep is way toooo important… but a secret lie in is way easier to do when I can’t get out of my bed.

  6. I’ve never spent a day in hospital in my life. No broken bones, no A&E trips…. nothing. Definitely proud to say that, but I definitely have been there to visit people which is way worse. Hospitals have never been my thing so definitely don’t cope well with visiting.

  7. Now I won’t call this one an addiction, but it’s definitely a bad habit that my mum hates but my best friends encourage😂. I shop wayyy too often… BooHoo, MissGuided and even Amazon has become my new favourite. Doesn’t even need to be for clothes (that I don’t need), just anything and everything! You would think I had money growing on trees (quite literally) with the frequency of me shopping. I can definitely clarify that I don’t😂. But the shopping just never stops! The one thing my mum cannot stand is seeing a new package come into my room but I love.

  8. My top 5 music artists are super random but: One Direction (even though they no longer are a group), Ed Sheeran, Tory Lanez, Drake and Arjit Singh (A little Bollywood goes a long way for me). The genre of music I listen to is so mixed but I think it is perfect for the different moods😂. Little slow bollywood for the down days and a bit of Tory Lanez and Drake to get me in the party mood.

  9. I can come off as super shy and quiet but once you get to know me, people tell me to shut up… I think uni was the one place that made the biggest impact and change to that because it pushed me outside my comfort zone and without being able to talk I’d have no friends. Grateful for that whole journey as it definitely shaped me to being the person that I am right now.

  10. And to end this, it’s gotta be all my favourite binge watch TV shows. From Friends (which I’ve watched 1,000 times), Suits (which I am still currently in the middle of but I LOVE), How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. I could watch these all day everyday but Friends will ALWAYS be my number 1 show. It could be the same episodes everyday (as long as it’s not the ones with Emily – if you know you know).

It shocks me that I actually struggled a little to write 10 things about me. If you know me, I could talk ALL day, but finding 10 random facts was harder than I thought. I definitely think it was because I had to talk about myself and open up (something I don’t enjoy too much). Anywayyy, I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about me, comment below if any of them resonate to you😂❤️.

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