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Mother's Day 2021 🌸

It's Mother's Day tomorrow and I thought it would be a good time to write a post on it. A post to think about everyone who can't be with their mums this year, a little about my beautiful mum and how to spend a mother's day in lockdown 🥰.

I will start this off with, no matter if it is your mum, grandma, father, guardian or any other strong role model in your life, they deserve to be spoilt. We all go through a lot and those who look after us the most should be talked about for years to come. I know some find this Mother's Day, including those in the past, very difficult. Mother's Day might not be easy for some and we should always be considerate for those too 💞.

This year, it is safe to say me and my mum have grown closer than ever. Spending everyday together during lockdown and now being employed in the same workplace as her has only made our bond stronger. She is not only my mum, but she is the person I now confide in a lot more than I ever have before. From listening to me waffle about the most random things, to being there for me when I've been feeling down. She can read me like a book and knows when I need a little cheering up. I would do anything for her, and although this Mother's Day is spent with only 1 daughter out of 3, we will definitely try to make it as special as we can.

Here are a few tips I'm doing this Mother's Day to ensure I can spoil my mum and make her feel as special as she deserves to be!

1 We had a handmade card done for her! The most beautiful card was made by @minicreationsco ❤️. This card was made with love and we could not have asked for anything else. (If you ever need a card made, check out her instagram & Etsy shop).

2 A little afternoon tea was always going to be on the cards. I am ordering a box to be delivered to our house for both my mum and my grandma so we are able to enjoy time together. We are always on Zoom during lockdown, and today is no different. A special Zoom call whilst we enjoy our afternoon tea with my sisters and remember what it is like to be in each others company once again. Our afternoon tea comes from @theveggiegrazer and I cannot wait to dig into it.

3 Handmade dinner (especially made by me) - this is a tricky one as when you read the (10 facts about me post) you'll know cooking isn't my speciality. For my mum, I'd do anything so I am definitely going to try my best with that one. (Be sure to check out my Instagram on Sunday, whether a disaster or not, it'll be documented for sure😂). If you can't spend it with your mum, a cheeky Uber eats delivery / handmade delivery of dinner can always be appreciated in the same way.

4 Pamper session for sure. Whether she wants her nails painted or to sit in front of the telly with a face mask and a horror film. It's the day I will endure the scare of a horror film to make sure she has an extra bigger smile on her face. This will be hard to do virtually but there is no harm in sending off a special hamper box just for her to dig into.

5 Lots of hugss... I am grateful to be able to spend this Mother's Day with my mum so hugs are on the cards so I can share it on behalf of my sisters too. For those who can't be with their mums' let us always remember the one place they will forever be... in our HEARTS ❤️.

These are just a few things that I'm thinking of doing for my mum. but I would love to hear what you all have planned. It will definitely be a different one but I hope everyone has a good day and spoil whoever it is you want to spoil today. Let us continue to spoil them from here on and show them as much love as we can❤️.

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