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And here is where it begins

So it’s been a long while since I’ve wanted to take the step to start blogging. Being able to have the skill to write and express myself well is actually more difficult then I would’ve thought. I have a passion to write, I just never had the confidence to do it in the public eye. I would write in a journal daily but that was for my eyes only.

But! My blogging experience begins today!🎉 As a young graduate in these tough times, I think it’s the perfect time to be able to let people into the life of me… although I am grateful for my job and my life, there is always something going on underneath the smiles.

I want this blog to be an insight to my life and the way I live (not in a self-centered type of way😏) … I just think it’d be fun to open up and if I can inspire others along the way than even better!🤞🏽

Keep your eyes peeled for more about me, my job and the life I live. We might be in lockdown but I definitely try to keep positive for myself and my parents (my rocks)❤️. I’ll try post content often and do my best to keep this short and sweet for now😉.


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