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Covid & Family Time

I think the best way to start this is to say, I am a massive family girl. I’d go to the ends of the earth for the people I love❤️. So when Covid started, we all felt a little lost to say the least. To not be able to see one another and have our crazy get togethers, we were definitely going to struggle. The group of people who can instantly make you laugh till your cheeks hurt and your stomach can’t take it no more… that’s the kind of people I need in my life forever.

Whilst we sat there wondering how we will get through, my family (the ones who love to celebrate everything in style) have missed out on each and every single person’s birthday. Now that’s a tough for us. A number of 30ths, and other big birthdays which we definitely struggled to miss. But of course, they say you have to learn to make do with what you have (so we did 😉 ).

We ended up with a Zoom adaptation of afternoon tea ☕ which we ALL had to dress up for and enjoy time well spent. I then combined long birthday video messages received from all over the world to try make everyone’s day as special as possible, and as for my birthday, I got to spend it with my favourites , with a little bit of alcohol, little bit of cake but a whole lot of love 🧁.

We also became a part of the trend of zoom nights, quizzes 📝 and our very own virtual easter egg hunt 🐥. There was an endless amount of smiles and laughter because there was no way we could lose hope. As our lockdown days continue to get worse rather than better, we find ways to continue the fun. Although, the winter days grow on us which only means less bearable time outside, I therefore miss out on more time on seeing my gorgeous niece grow up but, we go back to relying on technology once again 🙁 .

All I can end this with is, I hope all of you stay strong and keep up the positive vibes 💖. We can get to the end (whenever that might be), but we will get there. Let’s keep on talking to each other and finding new ways to adapt… Feel free to comment any other ideas you guys have been doing to help get through the inconvenice we face through Covid.

Never forget those who were there for you during the long hard days as well as the fun ✨.

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