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It’s here! One of my favourite festivals🎉 ! Diwali is a great festival with an amazing story🥰.

Diwali is known as the Festival of Lights which is celebrated to honor Lord Rama. It is believed that he returned home after a 14 year exile in which he fought and won the battle against Ravana to rescue Sita. They say the homes were lit with candles and divas to guide them on their way home and to rejoice their victory!

A mix of the real face to face Diwali vs the virtual one!

In my house, Diwali is one of our favourite festivals. We use the day to spend time with family and make amazing memories. Many people usually celebrate on Diwali itself, whereas we celebrate the day after which is called Ankut (our new year). We do a prayer on Diwali, for wealth, health and joy in our family. We then go to a temple to see the fireworks and spread light across the world. No matter the weather,we go every year to see family and watch the fireworks light up the sky🎆.
New Years is my favourite day. We would be up early (which I can say was not my favourite part) and we would still be running around the house frantically to get ready! We have to be out the house early and on time for the two temples we visit annually. Although, our trips to the temple would be rather fast as we had to be sure we got home in time for family visits🥳.
Our day consists of lots of laughs, family time and selfies (of course). The day is definitely tiring but the excitement keeps us going. We only see each other for a little while but the love is just endless. Each year brings amazing memories for us and I love the little presents we give to each other.
Going onto this year… it was a little different to say the least. I was over the moon to not be out the house by 7am and have my first Diwali lie in🎉. Our day consisted of drive-way visits, zoom calls, phone calls and just a few less selfies. I had to make sure I created some fun, so our zoom calls were endless laughter and I tried to make sure we could still create the same memories.

A little zoom call whilst we spent the time opening presents🥰

I hope everyone had a great Diwali. Wishing everyone a Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year! Hoping this year brings lots of love, happiness and wealth to you all!❤️

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