Educate Yourselves!

In light of recent events, it was crucial for me to share this blog post out to the world. I know my blog posts are usually a little lighter in terms of mood setting but I do think this was crucial.

As a women, I hear it first hand from family "to be safe" or "don't wear short clothes" or "don't be out too late." Now, in sight of that, I love my family with my heart, and I know they're doing it to look out for me. I have seen it within my family that the boys or should we say men get a little bit more freedom than the girls. It's always been "that's the way it has to be." I can see my family cut me more slack when I'm out with cousins much older or who are male. The understanding of protection is key and I know they want me to be safe. However, it's a flaw in the society that people need to be comfortable to talk about.

It is not okay for me to fear walking down the street as soon as the sun sets. It is not okay for me to cover myself top to bottom because of the type of people in the area. It is not okay to feel like I have to cross the road because someone is in my personal space. We should not have to change what we do to avoid the "blame" turning to us.

Men who know this already should not be "applauded" because it should be normal! My best friend DM'd me a post today which said 97% of young females are sexually harassed in the UK. That is one of the largest stats I have seen to date and I was in shock. We modify the way we are to avoid this happening and that should not be the case. Why should we as females have to change the people we are to avoid a crisis we should not be facing in the first place.

Although, this is not all men out there, let's look out for each other. We wouldn't want this happening to our sister, mother, girlfriend, daughter. It is not a topic to take lightly and we need to start feeling more comfortable in the lives we live.

People everywhere should be educated on this. Here are a few things to educate people to make us feel safer outside.

1 If you want to overtake me on the footpath, cross the road to do so.

2 Sudden movements/noise in the dark can be alarming, be careful where you do this.

3 If you know me, don't shout my name or honk your horn! Call me/text me! It makes my heart jump out of me when someone yells on the road like this.

4 If you're asked to accompany a female on a journey/walk them home, never say no! We wish we didn't need to ask!

5 If someone calls you to ask for company on their journey home or to avoid conversation with Uber drivers, pick up the phone!

Personally, I call my boyfriend to calm my nerves, but I should not feel like it is something I have to do for safety reasons. Society has a long way to go and there is no end to this yet. But let us get our voices heard, and let us get talking to family, friends and everyone in society. Let us educate all genders, all children from here on to allow us live a better life. No one should have to feel unsafe and no one should have to live in fear.

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