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Festive Fun 🎄

The Christmas period is over, the week of fun I always look forward to, the one time in the year it might just be okay to have a sneaky glass of Prosecco every other day…🥂

We know this year was a little bit different, but I hope everyone had a great time spent at home, snuggled up watching Christmas films🎄. I can definitely say that it was a different Christmas to the rest. Spent with just me, my mum, my dad and my grandma it was a little too quiet for my liking. From a usual of 15 people it dropped to about 4. We did spend a good 2 hours on zoom to open presents and do a Kahoot quiz which was great fun (even though I didn’t win😔). I mean who can say no to a Kahoot quiz and a zoom call… it’s what we have relied on all year. Although we were excited to spend Christmas with my sisters, we had to settle with a zoom chat instead🤷🏽‍♀️.

I did wake up Christmas morning smiling and still happy as usual because I was on a mission to make it as uplifting and positive as I could. I felt like a little kid getting impatient to open presents and every single one was worth the wait. From a ring light, to a personalised Airpod case, to a Ted Baker bag. The gifts were unreal and I was spoilt to say the least. My stocking was filled with small gifts which will keep me going for a while. Just look at all those sweets! How can I even resist it… Christmas is time to spoil yourself and I think it should be cheat day everyday😉.

A little sneak peek to the greatest gifts!🥰

We didn’t have the whole family to argue about which team won the games, or keep going for cheeky pink Gin refills, but I tried to get my parents into the spirit. We played a bunch of games till they got sick and tired of me and needed a time out for the evening… We did quick fire round of beer pong (yes, I got my parents playing beer pong😂), flip cup (which is the greatest uni game I could remember) and a few others which they loved. Even the 3 of us were getting competitive this Christmas and it’s safe to say I did not win any of it😭. We kept the alcohol on a low but definitely ate enough food to make it one to remember.

I know for a lot of people, Christmas was a bit quiet, but I am enjoying the days snuggling with my mum, making her watch Christmas films (and a few Disney ones too – think its a miracle!😂). I am trying my best to treasure the moments I have with my parents right now and be selfish to have them home with me everyday🥰.

I hope everyone is enjoying their festive week of fun and is trying their best to keep spirits high. If not, it’s okay… we know this year is a challenging year which is why my Instagram DM’s and all other sources of contact for people are always open. For anyone needing to talk, I will always be around. A tough year, but will forever be proud of everyone for getting through.

Let me know in the comments below how you spent your Christmas week and I look forward to reading all about it🥰.

 “Look for something positive in each dayeven if some days you have to look a little harder.” ~ Brian Ford

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