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How to balance a job and social life

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

So if you follow me on Instagram you would know I recently started a new job. It has been a bit of an adjustment period as I went from waking up at 9am to being at work by 8am😭. The timings have been tough to get used to but the job itself has been a change for me.

Since starting my job, it has been hard to keep a “social life.” I know Covid has stopped the whole aspect of a social life but my new definition of that is definitely a FaceTime call. Coming home to a strict routine of making dinner, eating and finally having an hour or so to sit and watch TV has meant I that I have been slacking on a huge amount of other important things in my life. One of them was definitely with my blogs… but I won’t let a new job stop me from doing something I enjoy.

I started my blog writing because it was something I enjoyed and couldn’t stop myself from typing. I never want my blog life to feel forced which is why my break was needed. It might not have seemed like a huge break, but I know that in my heart I had slacked. Now I’m back, ready to write and post consistently again. That includes my Instagram account too as I cannot let both take a step back.

My cute work set up! With pictures of some of my favourites.

My little new work set up 🥰

I’m pretty impressed with the amount of space on my work desk, so of course I had to make it a little homely. Seeing this everyday has made me come home and push myself more. Making sure that I plan my day better, I smile more and I balance my life.

So keeping a good work life balance does come from within. No one could have pushed me to continue this all but myself. It included being able to stay awake a little while longer just to make sure I can catch up with my family as well as my friends. That in itself is a task at hand because my sleep is just something I love😂. I can’t say the first week has been easy but I know that it’ll get easier and I especially know it’s in myself to keep it going🥰

“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” ~ Dolly Parton

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