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Let’s close the chapter✍🏾

As we end the unplanned year of 2020, it is the perfect year to reflect and think about the things we have achieved or might have wanted to💕.

Personally, it’s been a mixed year for me and I have been grateful for the year I have had. It started off with me being lucky to be employed and then later ended with me resigning. A choice I made for myself, in hope to keep the negativity out and bring the positivity in❤️.

I never thought I would be able to be away from my family for this long. I have missed them all a lot and I cannot wait to meet and have evenings filled with laughing till our cheeks hurt. Although, a lot of this year has been virtual, they have still managed to be my side and help me get through the tough battles. During the year, I went into a phase of my life I wish never to go back into. However, it was something I had to go through to be where I am today. My friends and family stuck by me to help me get back and find the real me. That hardship I faced had only made me stronger to help me be by those who loved me the most, the way they were for me.

This year also taught me that it’s okay to take space from those you love the most to gain a little more perspective. By taking some space, I was able to think back to the good times and remember that it’s okay to fight the battles (no matter how difficult it might have been). The good times will always be back if they were worth the fight. For me, they luckily were worth the fight and I will be grateful for the way it has turned out👀❤️.

I don’t want this post to be too deep but I know that giving yourself time to reflect and think about the future always comes to the end of the year. This year, me and my best friend have decided to end the year a little differently. We want to push ourselves to improve and be better people in the year ahead. So we have decided to write a little something for our future selves. A little time spent in our own worlds, to reflect on our past, think about our present and plan for our future❤️. I definitely recommend to everyone reading this, to sit down for a while, whether it be to write it out or just think it out. Reflect on what you’ve achieved this year, big or small, I think any size achievement is worth celebrating. Just take some time out from the real world, the busy life we all live and have some me time before we turn the page to 2021.

Remember, not everyone would have had a brilliant year, and some might have faced the toughest yet. But give out a helping hand to someone and it could make all the difference. Like they say, you never know what someone might be going through behind closed doors. Just be that shoulder to cry on (whether it be virtually or physically), that ear to listen, or those lips to advice. Whatever it might be, it can always be worth the try.

“I’m here with you, for you. And I won’t let you go.” ~ Rachel L. Demeter

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