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Pick Me Up Tips

As we start 2021 in Lockdown number 3 (but what feels like 10) it starts to become a little difficult getting through each day. Whilst I’ve been home I thought it would be easier to get myself up and ready for each day but it definitely has come with its challenges. Seeing as we are all going through similar things, I thought I would share with you some of my tips which help me pick myself back up.

It’s okay to have bad days (trust me, I have my fair share). From needing a good cry, to having a rant, a bad day is written in everyones books. It’s how you come out of it that shapes you up to be the strong people we are today. Here are my top 5 ways to help make a bad day a good day again. They might not be great for everyone but these are just some that others might not have thought of:

  1. Pictures 📸 – I have photos printed ALL over my room. It’s endless and you would think I’d get more upset. But looking back at pictures is one of the things that reminds me of the good times. It’ll bring a smile to my face to remember the memories I shared with my friends / family and brings an excitement for when I can do it all over again. This just means, wherever I look, I can see a smile from myself, my baby niece or even my friends.

  2. Zoom/FaceTime 👩🏽‍💻 – I recently got off a FaceTime call with my uni friends and it felt bitter sweet. We reminisced through the good times we had during our 3 years of uni and living together. We looked through videos, shared some laughs but felt a bit sad to not have had any more since February 2020. But, even a catch up on FaceTime or a rant to someone who is in the same boat as you can always help bring back the smile you should shine on your face. Sometimes, the other person won’t even realise, but they would’ve made your day and that is what is special about the people we surround ourselves with❤️.

  3. Writing ✍️ – I have a journal which I took to uni with me and keep by my side on my desk. For the bad days you might not want to share with others, writing it down can be a great way to share your feelings with yourself. To write it out, means you are expressing your emotions in a different way and can be a great way to take the weight off your shoulders.

  4. Instagram pages 📌- I genuinely believe the people you follow on Instagram can impact the way you feel during these tough times. Instagram is used to show your life in a whole different light which might not always be true to how you really feel. However, there are some accounts out there which are so real. I thought I’d share with you some of the accounts I follow which help me through tough times:

  5. @ShareCareGrow – They are supporting mental awareness, to help try and change the stigma of mental health. I love this page because I think it is so insightful and the tips they give to help others is amazing. They have real eye-opening stories that can really make you treasure every moment of the day. They recently shared a story which has taught me to smile at the small things and keep those moments close to your heart❤️.

  6. @Soleful_by_reena – One of my favourites! She is the master in reflexology (could be a little bias🙈) but I think the idea of reflexology is not given enough credit. As I first started to learn about it, I felt uneasy and unsure of the benefits. During lockdown, I followed through her videos, even bought myself the tools I needed and continued to carry on the techniques to help myself. I sit in my room, with calm music playing and give myself a half hour to just care for my skin and myself. The benefits are amazing and you always end up feeling light, fresh and happy! Very grateful for her😍!

  7. @Nishs_lifestyle_diaries – I’ve always said I would support and follow those who are trying to help others, by being selfless and doing something they have a passion for. She started her page as a little getaway from the bane of revising and wanted a little change in her day-to-day life. Her page consists of; self love, her legal journey, recipes and motivation. She didn’t want to limit her options and you can see that through her posts. I absolutely love how real her page is. Showing the hard work put in to organise and prepare for her LPC’s as well as picking up others with quotes and other eye-opening posts🥰.

  8. @Vexking – Someone who teaches you about self love. From positivity, inspiration and wisdom, his page helps you think of life in a different way. I read his book “Good Vibes Good Life” and absolutely loved it. His book was open, honest and made his teachings all that more real. Giving yourself a good quote to read during the hard times can be one of the ways you take a step back and see life in a different perspective. After following his page I remember to wake up smiling and go to sleep thinking of at least one thing I was grateful for☺️.

  9. And a range of Marketing ones. One in particular is @Gradgirlmarketing – She empowers females to progress in the Marketing world. From courses, to one of the best Facebook groups I have joined! She makes you believe in yourself and the work you can do. She is there to help others be successful in the Marketing world and in all honesty, I am very grateful to follow her and be able to push myself. She is extremely supportive and is always willing to help others💕.

  10. Colouring 🖍 – This is quite a personal favourite but I love it. My sister gifted me a colouring book in my stocking this year. A word-search with colouring pages included! I was like a little kid at a sweet shop! I was so excited and now, when I have bad days, I sit in my room with music playing / Netflix on and I just colour. I think it is so underrated but the most therapeutic thing to do.

All in all, a pick me up could be as small as colouring, or even writing. But whatever it might be, there is always something out there to help you get through tough times. I hope my top 5 tips has helped you in some way. During this lockdown, everyone’s DMs are always open so we can help each other. Don’t feel limited to talking to friends/family if you don’t feel comfortable because there are a range of other ways to pick yourself up and keep smiling. It’s important to remember to put yourself first and not be so hard on yourself when things get tough. It’s okay to have bad days❤️.

“You’re allowed to scream, you’re allowed to cry, but do not give up”

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