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The Face Behind The Page

Here is the face behind the page🙈.

I’m Henna, 23 years old, lucky enough to have graduated in 2019 from University of Portsmouth (which I loved and I think it needs a whole post to itself💕). I am the biggest family girl and would do just about anything for them. They have my back and even though my parents might be what you define as “old school”, I don’t know where I would be without them. Having 3 daughters I completely understand their worry, but they really do the most to keep us happy😊.

I made the brave choice to resign from my job. Many people will have mixed reviews on this because of the current situation we are in. However, this was one of those times I had to be selfish and think about me and the way I was feeling. I don’t think this is the right blog to talk about my job but in the end I decided to make a decision for myself💕.

All in all, I can say I am happy! I am happy with the friends in my life and the family we don’t get to choose but I love endlessly. I would do anything for them and that is the only way it should be😘.

This post might be one of the most challenging for me😂. Talking about myself is a harder task then I imagined and I didn’t want to go on for too long😴. There is only so much someone can write about themselves without making it some sort of book of the 23 years I have lived. I want to keep it short and sweet and hope all blogs combined can give an understanding of the type of person I really am🥰.

To end this one, I wanted to introduce you all to my new Instagram page. It is linked to my blog and is also my way of teaching / advising different people who might need the help in social media marketing. Hope you enjoyed the read and enjoy the content on my feed!🥰

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