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The Job Hunt

When I graduated from University it took me approximately 4 months to find a job. A job hunt feels like a 9-5 when you want to get the right job. I spent a lot of time job hunting to find the role I was looking for and found myself a Marketing role. And now I am going through it all again to find something new…😭

Looking for a job requires more strength than I imagined. I forgot all about the rejection process of looking for a job. I continue to look for jobs, put in all the time and effort on the application process and then get faced with “unfortunately, we have decided to take on the other candidates.” The heartbreak I didn’t realise would hurt so much💔.

Going through this again, during lockdown is facing harder than expected. I continue to put in all the effort and yet the rejection continues. It then demotivates me to continue the hunt, but here are a few tips that I go through to help me to keep going. Rejection sucks, but the job you want is right there for you! Sometimes, I get myself out of comfys, put on some jeans or a nice top and it motivates me to work harder. Not sure if it’s just me but it does work😂

Here are just a few more things I do to make sure I don’t give up:

  1. Motivational Quotes 💬 – Sometimes you just need a quick quote to keep you going. Sometimes I stare at a blank wall wishing it was an easier process. I scroll through my Instagram and find exactly what I need to read so I can turn my phone off and continue to the hunt. A motivational quote can help change your way of thinking more than you realise. (Get ready for a blog post dedicated to my favourite quotes to help you keep going too🥰).

  2. Music 🎼 – There comes a time where the silence becomes deafening. I find myself a motivational playlist or just my favourite songs to keep me going. Sometimes, I just blast it out and let myself feel the music. My favourite songs bring so much excitement, it brings out motivation to keep going. Even a few club songs which tempt me to go out, entice me to work harder.

  3. Plan 🗓 – I tend to give myself a goal everyday. I tell myself I need to find a minimum of 4 roles and put all my time, effort and concentration into perfecting 2 applications. Sometimes I forget how long each application takes as you need to apply your answers to the role itself. I always give myself a minimum and give myself a pat on the back for exceeding it.

  4. Don’t let rejection get you down 😃 – I know it’s hard when you get a rejection email, then you feel at your worst. I can admit that when I get a rejection email I don’t feel the best. I end up taking a bit of a time out, remind myself the perfect job is there and get on a quick FaceTime to help bring my mood up. For me there is always a handful of people who can help bring me back to myself and back to the hunt👀❤️.

  5. Focus on things you CAN control 👩🏽‍💻- We always look into the process of job hunting and focus on the things we cannot control. We always get mad at rejection or the lengthy process of the application. If these are the things we need to do to get our perfect job then so be it… Let’s start focusing on the things we CAN control like perfecting our CVs, Cover Letters and all aspects of selling ourself to be the best people we are.

I know job hunting is hard and so is rejection. But we need to remember we are special, we are perfect and we are the best people we can be. There is no need to put yourself down during the job hunt phase because you cannot force to be employed. We have to believe in the process and know that our dream job is out there.

Good luck to all my lovely readers who are struggling in the job hunt, but we can do this!

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

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