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The Life of a Marketer

Here it is…My new venture which I am happy to introduce to you all properly🥰.

The Life of a Marketer is here. After leaving my job (which I will probably go into more detail in a separate post) I decided to freelance. Making this decision was probably one of the scariest ones I’ve made. To leave a job with nothing on the side to help me out was pretty big. Once I told my parents, I scoped the different things I could do. It was a brainstorm of different ideas which led me to this👀.

Although, I am terrified of finding different clients or building my page, I know that this is perfect to keep me going on the side. Helping others is a huge part of my personality and to do this through Marketing (which I love) is everything I want to do in life. I know that it is never easy to start a venture like this but I hope with everyone’s support I can get myself where I want to be. Even if I can help others by giving them advice in the Marketing world, I would still see my new venture as a success.

My key goal is to help others in some way, shape or form and I cannot wait to see where this takes me💕.

As 2020, a year of many ups and downs, comes to an end, this was the perfect way to end the year. To start something new and end the year with a whole lot of positivity, I am ready to face any challenge that might come my way. I’m willing to put myself out there a little more than before. My last job taught me a wide range of skills and confidence was one of the biggest ones I was able to take from there. I am able to believe in myself a little more and not fear the world as much as before.

Whilst I start my new venture, I also want to say thank you to those who have supported me from Day 1. Those who were with me through my difficulties in my old job, the successes I faced and the fears in something new. I will forever be grateful for having people by my side, helping to guide me in the right direction😊.

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” ~ Aesop

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