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Stop Stressing, Try Unwinding Instead😴

After starting my job and knowing what is was like to start doing long, stressful days again I knew I needed a routine after work to make sure I didn't let bad/tiring days get to me too much.

When you have a long day, you usually want to just go into bed, put Netflix on and just start again. For me, waking up at 6am is a struggle and I know that in the back of my head it's "I can't wait to jump back into bed😂." Doing that has only just made the day drag and the end be further and further away.

So now I try and keep to routine. If not routine, it's just about keeping positive. I ensure that the day has a plan and has a goal to achieve. Sometimes it's something so simple like making sure I catch up on new music but here is my go to list of things I do in my evening to unwind:


1. Read a book📚: This is so important for me. I remember saying to my best friend that reading is something I love but definitely do not give myself time to do. As I write this, two new books have arrived at my desk for me to get into. I think after those, I'll definitely be sharing a book review blog because recommendations is definitely where I get my book ideas from. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, diving into a book can really get you into a whole new world and your mind can feel so fresh from doing so (and then the stress levels go down!).


2. Listen to new music🎶: I love to listen to new music and be able to spend time catching up on new albums I might have missed. It gives me a break from the "real world" and I get to use my time just being able to listen. Listening to upbeat, fast-paced songs makes me feel extra positive and happy which is even better to end the day on. Even if I switch up my list to a bit of Bollywood slow songs, it helps calm me down and rejuvenate.


3. Talk to your friends / family💬: Talking is one of the things a lot of people shy away from. It can sometimes feel like a burden to speak to people you know about certain things (I can definitely vouch for that). In all honesty I think I can say that there are a handful of friends and family member I can go to. Whether it be a rant or a FaceTime about the most random things in life, they can make me smile and that can change my whole mood before going to bed.


4. Get an early night😴: In all honesty, some days I feel like closing my eyes and just starting the new day fresher than the last. Whilst I get ready for bed, if I don't write it, I will always think of minimum 2 things that I am grateful for before closing my eyes. That is definitely one of the things that can help me get out of the stressful day and into a calmer mind. I couldn't stress this enough. It's great to unwind, get into bed and just sleep. But when you feel stressed out or overworked, it is always nice to remember to keep smiling and that is why listing a few things you are grateful for is key.


5. Watch your favourite film / TV series🎬: This is a nice and easy one to get into a routine. If I'm honest, I was messaging my best friend recently and we both spoke about how we cut down on our Netflix time and we were both shocked. We have both learnt to use the time spent watching TV a bit differently. But when it's needed we definitely use it. For me, it's either rewatching Friends or continuing a series that I've been recommended but never got to watch. It's a great feeling to get sucked into a Netflix series (but I don't recommend the binge watch because that definitely starts a bad habit).


In all honesty, I think I run through nearly every single one in a mixed sequence during the week. It's hard to do all in one but when the day comes I definitely know what I want to do. Some days just don't feel right for a movie and some days just don't feel right to be blasting out music. Having a list of a few things I love just means I can filter through how I really feel at the end of the day. What's your go to when you need to unwind from a long day?💬

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