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Why I went into Blog Writing?👀

I think I have answered this question within a lot of my blogs, but thought it will be good to address it on its own🤔.

As I was considering leaving my job I sat there thinking of the things I loved to do the most. For those that know me, they know I love to talk. Well it’s either talking or writing. So as I was going through the different options to what my next step could be. I knew that writing was something I wanted to improve on and continue doing, so I looked into the idea of blogging.

When I first started my job, I wasn’t aware the majority of my role would involve content writing. At the start of my job role, my writing was weak. It lacked flavour, talent and skill. I was extremely hard on myself when I was told my writing wasn’t enough for them. I then pushed myself till I could write the content and upload it without having to ask for someone to look over it. At that point I knew the hard times I faced whilst learning, only made me a better writer. I then went on to writing a few mock-up blogs to use for the website and other caption creations for the social media pages. With all this experience and time, I wanted to keep this going in my own spare time.

After I had all the practice I needed, I realised that I enjoyed writing. The blogs I had created for the website were fun and exciting to write. I used to make them relatable, so they would flow better and be easier to read for customers. I then went on to find someone to talk to who would be able to help me understand the ins and outs to blog writing. I remember when I started my old Instagram page, my cousin told me she writes but never publishes. She used to work in Marketing and quit her job to unknowingly become popular in her new line of work. So when I was faced with my rut, I spent my time messaging her and finding out the ways in which I could start up and create my blog. She gave me endless support and had more faith in me then I had in myself. There was one thing she said to me which always stuck to me and it was “what’s the worst that’s gonna happen?? No one will read your blog….who cares!! At least it will help you with confidence!”🥰

That’s when I started The Life of a Marketer blog page. That extra push was what I needed to find a new way to gain a new skill as well as express my thoughts. I will forever be grateful to her. For reading my first blog and continuing to support me! In the time I’ve been blog writing, I have changed my site, changed my content and continued to grow as a person. Whilst being at home, it has also given me a new way to spend my time doing something I love. Now my one wish is to continue working hard and hope to inspire more people along the way❤️.

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